Health & Beauty

My lovely followers, I dedicate this page to you with upcoming posts about beauty and health. I find it of high importance to take care of your body in terms of choosing food, drinks, skin products, and lifestyles. With the help of studying medicine, I’ve realized that the best ways to avoid poor health is to raise awareness of hygiene and well-being. In the next upcoming posts I will do my best to highlight important lifestyles we should adopt and shadow as much information about skin care I can.
Let’s talk about skin care!
1.Hydrate .. Yeah, We all talk about it but do we know the importance of it?

Well, We’re made of about 60% water.. So imagine how important keeping hydrated and maintaining water levels in your body is! Without a doubt, Water is essential to keep your body flow going and even your blood circulation. Lack of hydration can cause your body cells to lack ability of optimum function, And this can cause your muscles to easily fatigue, Your hair to become fragile and look faint, your skin to suffer as well. Water can help get rid of excess toxins in your body and improve your hair, skin and body function. Dehydration can cause your skin to become wrinkles and look dry!
2.Toxins this and Toxins that

As part of natural processes within circulation, metabolism and catabolism and anabolism of energy in your body, excess toxins are left behind in your system which need water to help flush them out and replenish your organs. Yup, Our kidneys are our biggest filters, and to aid the kidneys, they require the intake of fluids to do their job! Little fluid intake can also cause your body to suffer with constipation and irritable bowel movements.
3. Goodness for the body

Keeping hydrated will also reduce your risks of any inflammatory diseases, prevents aching pains in joints and muscles and cramps. It’s the goodness cure for those nasty winter Colds and Flus. Drinking water has also been proven to help reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines for both men and women. This is due to the fact that Headaches occur because of a lack of hydration. Water can help with dieting for weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate of fat burn and eliminates excess fats.
4. How much do I drink?

According to the institute of medicine, the required amount of water for your body is a range of 3 Liters (13 cups) for men, and about 2.2 for women (9-10cups).

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