Keto Diet? Let’s Discuss

I previously shared a video on my YouTube channel here: Keto Diet? Let’s Discuss Where I discussed which diet is best to follow and is effective as well as recommended for the general population. In this blog post, I’m going to share more information on why I recommend the DASH/ Mediterranean diet for you and for almost anybody battling with weight and wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Ketogenic diet:

Let’s talk about what a ketogenic diet entails, it’s more than just high protein. According to The Epilepsy Foundation, The “classic” ketogenic diet is a special high-fat, low carbohydrate diet that helps to control seizures in some people with epilepsy.

The Ketogenic diet was developed by physicians decades ago in order to help prevent seizures in young adults up to 18 years old. The diet focuses on consuming more protein and fat meanwhile reducing carbohydrates intake. This diet is often prescribed by physicians and is monitored by dieticians considering the fat intake can pose risks such as cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol.

The name “ketogenic” comes from the term “Ketones” which are produced by the body in response to low energy. The low energy experienced in the body signals for metabolic pathways to produce ketones and so the body uses fat as a source of energy. Now of course this sounds effective in terms of losing weight but is it recommended for the average adult? Probably not. Here’s why:

1. Ketones are not fatal or dangerous. In fact, research helped physicians and scientists to conclude that higher ketone levels actually improved seizure control in children and patients suffering from epilepsy. The diet isn’t recommended for the average adult due to the restriction of carbohydrate intake and higher fat intake. We all know that there is good fat and bad fat, I have a post about it here: Get The Good Fat.

2. The ketogenic diet is not advised to be followed for long periods of time, this is ineffective if you are considering a long-term diet to follow.

3. Cardiovascular disease is the number one leading cause of death according to CDC. This diet is not recommended for people who have a family history of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease due to the higher fat intake.

So.. What diet is ideal and is safer for long-term?

The Mediterranean diet also known as the DASH diet is one of the most commonly prescribed and recommended diets for the average adult. This diet focuses on consuming appropriate portions of food groups and also avoiding sugar and excess (bad) fat intake.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Research has shown that the Med/ DASH diet reduces risk of heart disease. As I previously mentioned, You need to make sure you consume the good fat vs the bad fat.

What is the Mediterranean diet all about?

  • Plant-based foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts.
  • Switch white bread to whole wheat and whole grain and fibre.
  • Cancel butter and even margarine, use olive oil instead (Now you get why it’s called the Mediterranean diet?)
  • Reduce salt, incorporate herbs and spices in your cooking and recipes
  • Low fat dairy, you can even make your own yogurt at home, I praise this yogurt machine ever since my mom bought it and it’s pretty affordable: Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker
  • Limiting red meat to no more than 1-2 times a week
  • Consuming fish and chicken 2 times a week
  • Exercise!

Don’t hesitate to comment and suggest other topics you’d like me to discuss. Happy and healthy eating!

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