3 layer beef lasagna

This has been a recipe I’ve been asked about many times ! I previously posted an 8 layer, 6 cheese recipe. This is a different type of sauce , it’s the same as my bow pasta and linguini incorporated with a delicious new way. This lasagna is a simple 3 layer with beef. For vegetarians you can make this with your choice of vegetables as a substitute.

I included pictures to make this easy.

Enjoy !

Chopped up garlic with onions , sprinkled salt and pepper

I use my absolute favorite pasta brand, Barillia. Boil the water and place the pasta inside it and sprinkle salt. Don’t worry if the pan is not wide enough. It will shrink down

I use hunts tomato sauce , with added pepper, salt, garlic powder and parsley flakes and slow cook on low heat . Check out my bow pasta sauce recpies  for an additional flavor !

Begin frying the onion and chopped garlic mix in olive oil and add the beef until it Browns a little

Mix the tomato sauce with the onion mix and add your choice of beef or vegetables and slow cook on low heat

In your oven own, sprinkle olive oil as a base and place the first layer of pasta. Have the oven preheated on high.

Go on layer by layer covering it in the mix and add cheese to top it

Pair with a salad and red wine, enjoy !