Fire-Grill Tenderloin Steak

49551B81-265D-4B14-B653-936F7E9B7ACDWhen it comes to steak, depending on the different cuts- you need to be able to properly prepare it for the grill. I prepared a beef tenderloin steak, this is a tricky one. This type of steak is very tender- hence the name- you need to properly season it for preparation, marinate it and cook it thoroughly. You can’t serve it too raw, but you also can’t over-cook it. Enjoy this delicious herb and peppercorn steak recipe!



  1. tenderloin steak
  2. 1 white onion
  3. 4 garlic cloves
  4. salt
  5. peppercorn
  6. cajun seasoning
  7. olive oil
  8. oregano


  • thaw the steak and bring to room temperature. Sprinkle with salt and pepper corn and cover it for 10 minutes.
  • Chop onions , garlic and mix in with the steak. Add two table spoons olive oil per 4 steaks, season with Cajun and oregano. Leave to marinate outside the fridge for 45 minutes.


  • Fire up your BBQ or your charcoal grill on high heat, do this for 10 minutes to ensure your grill is clean and hot for the steaks


  • bring each steak to the grill and don’t flip for 6.5-7 minutes each side , do NOT cover your BBQ or grill.
  • Allow each side of the steak to thoroughly grill before flipping the grill.


  • After approx 14 minutes of grilling, bring the fire to low and then cover the steak for 5 minutes each side. This step is important for tenderloin steak and prevents it from overcooking or drying