Balsamic Tofu-bean Spring salad

Having a vegan diet can be compromising to your health if you don’t introduce protein alternatives for your meals. This recipe is a delicious, easy and on the go dish which can be made in grater quantities and stored for lunch at work or school. 100% vegan ingredients and affordable products!


The following portions are for 2-3 servings

  1. 1 cup chick peas (cooked or you may boil raw ones)
  2. 1 cup kidney beans
  3. 1 cup green garbanzo peas
  4. diced cucumbers
  5. 1 diced red or white onion
  6. 1 diced green pepper
  7. 2 diced tomatoes
  8. Mixed spring salad or lettuce
  9. Plain Tofu
  10. Red Balsamic vinaigrette


  1. Chop or dice all lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers in one bowl
  2. Cook and drain the chickpeas , garbanzo peas and kidney beans then set them aside to cool down
  3. I purchased the Tofu crumbled or you can easily diced it up and mix in the salad
  4. Add 2 teaspoons of Red Balsamic vinaigrette or add to taste
  5. Refrigerate salad mix for 30 minutes then serve cold

Nutrition facts

What’s a greater source of fibre than receiving it directly from these 3 rich in fibre beans?

  • Kidney beans are an amazing protein additive because of their low-calorie intake and rich protein and fibre contents! Red Kidney beans have also been linked to lowering cholesterol and reduces risk of heart disease. They are great to consider for your diet if you’re diabetic or consider adjusting your sugar intake because they contribute to lowering your blood glucose levels.
  • Green Garbanzo beans (green chickpeas ) as well as Yellow chick peas are also great sources of fibre and are rich in protein. They contain 9g/serving of protein! They also contribute to a great source of Folate (Vitamin B9) and function as antioxidants.
  • Did you know that Tofu contains Vitamin B1 as well as the 8 essential amino acids? Amino acids are essential for your body function and help maintain your cells healthy!

Enjoy xo