Tomato sauce Okra & Rice 

For you vegans and vegetarians as well as vegetable lovers, this is a traditional Egyptian dish which I have integrated with a few modifications. Tomato sauce okra and garlic rice. You could serve the okra with any side dishes you prefer. 



  1. Fresh green okra or frozen produce works fine, have the end and the stem cut and chop to the size of serving you prefer. 
  2. White or brown rice 
  3. Chopped garlic 
  4. Chopped onions 
  5. Parsley 
  6. Dried flakes of basil 
  7. Salt 
  8. Pepper 
  9. Chili flakes or red pepper 
  10. Cumin 
  11. Tomato sauce 
  12. Olive oil 

Now for the instructions , as complex as this recipe may seem , it’s rather very simple to prepare following instructions 


  • After washing and cutting off the stems of the okra , place a pot with water and salt and bring to slightly boil before placing the okra in it. Add the okra to boil and become slightly softer. Prepare for the next step as his cooks 
  • In a skillet, heat op some olive oil and slightly fry chopped onions with some chopped garlic, salt , pepper and garlic powder. Once they brown slightly , add the tomato sauce and begin cooking on low heat , add all seasonings and steer. 
  • Once the okra has cooked, drain the water and add it to the tomato sauce and steer. Be patient as the okra will require 20-25 minutes cooking time to absorb the tomato sauce and flavos as well. 
  • Meanwhile the okra is cooking , begin cooking the rice. 1 cup of water to half of cup of rice and add garlic powder and slightly salt it. 
  • The rice should begin absorbing the water , sprinkle flaked basil and add a little more salt and pepper. If you desire to add chopped onions while cooking it , it will absorb a great flavor as well. 

Serve with salad or some garnish and enjoy this delicious vegetarian Egyptian dish. 

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Cheers xo